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Terrell Owens scored on a deep ball in what's looking like a fun and competitive Browns/Cowboys game. Owens was fairly open and the touchdown looked easy ... but then he made the ensuing kickoff more difficult for his special teams unit.

After scoring, Owens walked back towards the goal line, shaking and loosening his legs. He got down on a knee, lifted up into a sprinter's stance, pretended to burst out of the gates, and that was it. A mild tribute to Usain Bolt, and he jogged off the field.

No props, no delaying the game, no taunting anyone. Just 15-yards of joy-sucking yellow laundry. Wade Phillips argued vehemently (or at least, as vehemently as the cuddly old fellow can), but to no avail. He didn't say a word to Owens, though.

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