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Sunday’s five least valuable players, Week 15 (I ♥ NY edition)

See Sunday's five most valuable players here.

Eli Manning, Quarterback, New York Giants. Eli gets top billing in this all-New York edition of Sunday's five least valuable players, due to his three interceptions, zero touchdowns and 45.5 passer rating that was ahead of only Caleb Hanie on Sunday. As bad as those numbers look, Eli's still not the biggest reason the Giants were embarrassed. He didn't have a lot of help out there, from his running game, his receivers or his defense. More on that forthcoming.

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Santonio Holmes, Wide Receiver, New York Jets. It was a rough day for Santonio Holmes, who set the tone for New York Jets ineptitude against the Philadelphia Eagles. He gave up the first score of the game on this play, when he fumbled and Juqua Parker took it to the house. Then he let Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie get underneath him to knock this ball away, setting up an Eagles interception. And even when he is making plays, he's being an idiot and incurring 15-yard penalties. Yeah, mock the Eagles when you're down 18. Heady play.

Hakeem Nicks, Wide Receiver, New York Giants. Remember when I mentioned earlier that Eli Manning didn't have a lot of help against the Redskins? This kind of set the tone:

As Chris Chase theorized, if Nicks makes that routine catch, maybe that whole game goes a little differently. It's not a difficult theory to buy. The Giants have been so up-and-down that their psyche could certainly be fragile enough to have been broken by that one play. On the other hand, the Redskins kind of thoroughly beat them up in the trenches, so maybe a first-quarter TD wouldn't have mattered. I don't know.  Either way, the Giants should be disgusted with themselves.

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Wayne Hunter, Tackle, New York Jets. Hunter gave Jason Babin the lazy security guard treatment on Sunday, offering only a brief pat down before letting him through. Babin finished with three sacks, all of them coming against Hunter, and it could've been about double that. He was in Mark Sanchez's face all day. Hunter's not the only one on that line who had problems, either.

Prince Amukamara, Cornerback, New York Giants. Amukamara's one of the Giants who has an excuse. He's a rookie who didn't have a training camp and missed most of this season with a foot injury. Still, when Rex Grossman's picking on you ... that's not good. He gave up third-and-16 and fourth-and-1 conversions to Jabbar Gaffney. He was late getting to Santana Moss on a post-corner route, giving up an easy touchdown. He'll get better in time, but the veterans around him need to be better right now.

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