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Sunday’s five least valuable players, Week 6

See Sunday's five most valuable players here.

Rex Grossman(notes), Quarterback, Washington Redskins. So not only is Rex Grossman the best quarterback in the NFC East, but evidently, the Redskins have the two best quarterbacks in the NFC East! How else would you explain Grossman getting benched in favor of John Beck(notes) on Sunday? What's that you're saying? You'd explain it by pointing to Grossman's 9-of-22 passing and four interceptions, and that Deion Sanders momentarily slipped into insanity last week? Yeah, that makes more sense.

Drayton Florence(notes), Cornerback, Buffalo Bills. The holes in the Bills defense showed themselves Sunday, and unfortunately for Drayton Florence, he was the holiest. Watch Hakeem Nicks toast him for a 60-yarder here. Florence also collected three defensive pass interference flags. The first one came on a third down in the first quarter. That drive stayed alive and ended with a Giants field goal. The last two came on a Giants fourth-quarter drive that ended in the game-winning field goal; the second one on a third-and-6. Rough day.

Rashean Mathis(notes), Cornerback, Jacksonville Jaguars. As Rashard Mendenhall crosses his own 40-yard line here, he stiff arms Rashean Mathis, and immediately puts 5 yards of space between the two. Not that I expect Mathis to be able to shrug off a Mendenhall stiff-arm, but know that you're outmuscled and go low. Or at least do something that doesn't look quite as sad as that. Mathis isn't even in frame when Mendenhall gets to the end zone. Here's Mike Wallace beating him, too.

Drew Brees(notes), Quarterback, New Orleans Saints. It's tough to call it a bad game when a man throws for 389 yards. It's a bad game by Drew Brees standards only. He just wasn't himself. Credit the Bucs, too, of course, as they put together their best effort of the season by far. Still, as I watched, it felt all day long like Drew Brees was about to take the game over and send the Saints on a two-or-three touchdown run. It never happened, though. He just kept stalling the Saints offense with interceptions, including one into major traffic that could've put the Saints ahead with 3:16 to play.

Jim Schwartz, Head Coach, Detroit Lions. Dial it down a notch, coach. What are you going to do, fight another head coach right there on the field after a game? Because you didn't like the way he shook your hand? I used to be that way, too -- in little league, when we lost and they made us shake hands with the other team. You're the same guy who's openly taunting Dez Bryant, and running out after field goals, pumping your fist and screaming naughty words, and you just won't stand for it when some other coach breaches NFL coaching etiquette? Don't get me wrong, coach, I love what you've done, and the energetic tough-guy approach works for you. But you don't have a copyright on it.

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