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Sunday’s five least valuable players, Week 11

Andy Dalton(notes), Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals. A late-game rally made things more exciting and padded Dalton's numbers, but his mistakes dug the Bengals their hole to begin with. Late in the third, the Bengals were driving, down just 14-17, and Dalton overthrew a slant and was picked. The Ravens cashed it in for a touchdown. Next drive, now down 10, Dalton completely missed Andre Caldwell(notes) on an out route, and one play later, the Ravens were back in the end zone. The deficit was then 17 in the fourth quarter, and the Bengals made a little bit of a go of it, but the deficit was too big.

Chris Johnson, Running Back, Tennessee Titans. Showing a growing discomfort with having been above 4.5 yards per carry over the last two games, Johnson reverted to more familiar territory this week, carrying 12 times for 13 yards. That's 160 carries for 509 yards on the year, an average of 3.2 per carry. The contract he signed in the offseason pays him an average of $9.21 million per season. By that figure, if he stays on his current pace, Chris Johnson will make $10,279 per yard gained this season.

Blaine Gabbert(notes), Quarterback, Jacksonville Jaguars. There were guys with worse numbers, but Gabbert clinched a spot here with some brutal missed opportunities. With under 7:00 left in the game, a Browns corner fell down in coverage, leaving Jason Hill(notes) all alone in the end zone, and Gabbert bounced the football into the stands. On the game's last play, Mike Thomas(notes) broke open in the end zone and Gabbert threw behind him. That's how you lose to the Browns.

Every Single Defender, Carolina Panthers. It's nearly impossible to pick just one -- in fact, it's hard to even blame anyone, since the Panthers defense is so ravaged by injury. The Panthers got 35 points from their offense Sunday in a hostile environment against a good defense, and it wasn't close to enough. Matthew Stafford(notes) threw for 335 yards against them, and Kevin Smith(notes) -- who was not on the roster nine days ago -- gashed them for 140 yards on the ground. At least pick one way to get destroyed.

John Skelton(notes), Quarterback, Arizona Cardinals. One running back, one wide receiver and one punter -- none of whom actually completed a pass -- had a better quarterback rating than Skelton on Sunday. The young man out of Fordham filling in for Kevin Kolb(notes) went 6 of 19 for 99 yards, no touchdowns and three interceptions against the 49ers. He was eventually replaced by Richard Bartel(notes).

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