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On the bright side for the Washington Redskins, at least Albert Haynesworth(notes) is already in midseason form.

The highest paid defensive player in NFL history failed a conditioning test on Thursday morning at Redskins Park after he became too fatigued to complete a shuttle run. According to Jason Reid of The Washington Post, Haynesworth asked for a "lavatory break" during the runs and was unable to complete them when he returned. 

Ahh, the good ol' bathroom break trick, utilized by so many during finals, awkward dinners and cross examinations. If there are any windows in the restrooms at Redskins Park, I'd bet a good amount that Haynesworth briefly considered escaping through one. 

Haynesworth wouldn't have had to complete the conditioning test if he had attended more than one of the Redskins' offseason workouts, but he was too busy griping over the team's planned change to the 3-4 defense and cashing his $21 million bonus check to bother showing up.

On Wednesday, new Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said he expected Haynesworth to be in "great shape" when he arrived at camp. "If he's not in great shape," Shanahan said, "then we're going to do what we need to do to get him in shape." Haynesworth will work with the team's training staff until he is able to complete the test.

The best part of the story? Reid reports on his Redskins Insider blog that several players at Redskins Park said Haynesworth is in better shape than he was last year.

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