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Panthers cornerback Ken Lucas got a free cart ride this morning, courtesy of Steve Smith. Smith and Lucas were participating in a special teams drill, things got heated, and before long, Lucas was being carted off the field, holding a bag of ice to his face.

From the AP:

The melee came while most starters were on the sidelines during a special teams drill at training camp. It was unclear what provoked the fight. Several players and coach John Fox rushed to both players. Fox tried to separate the two, but it took linebacker Jon Beason to pull Smith off Lucas.

Lucas walked to a tent, holding his head while accompanied by a trainer. Smith was then escorted there by receiver Muhsin Muhammad to talk to Lucas. After being treated for several minutes, the Panthers’ starting cornerback walked onto a cart and was taken to the locker room. There was no immediate update on the extent of his injuries.

At the moment, there's no video of the fight available available, but come on, someone has this on tape. If there's room on YouTube for 74,000 girl fights, certainly we can find room for this one, too.

This isn't Smith's first foray into training camp fighting. He was actually thrown in jail for a short time back in 2002 for beating the hell out of a practice squad player named Anthony Bright. Smith put him in the hospital for two days and broke his nose. Luckily, Jon Beason saved Ken Lucas from a fate that bad.

You'd think that Steve Smith, a 29-year-old veteran, would have outgrown this violent phase by now. This is a guy who walks around with a tattoo of Papa Smurf on his arm. Come on, Steve, would Papa Smurf condone such violence? Next time you want to punch someone, glance at the tattoo, think about what Papa Smurf would want, and then try to relax. Or at least call Hefty Smurf to do your dirty work. The only beatdowns you should be giving out are to Gargamel.

UPDATE: Smith has been sent home from training camp. 

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