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Good news for Javon Walker: Police have made an arrest in the mysterious case of his beating and mugging.

Bad news for Javon Walker: The arrest blows to hell the story he wanted everyone to believe; that the assailants came to his hotel room, knocked him out, and dragged him to a car.

A fellow named Arfat Fadel, who has a long and distinguished rap sheet that included charges in California, New York, Michigan, and Nevada was arrested in Las Vegas yesterday. He's been charged with kidnapping, robbery, battery, and conspiracy.

But Arfat didn't go to Walker's room and tune him up before dragging him to a car. Walker willingly got into Arfat's car. Police say they don't know why.

So clearly, Javon was trying to hide something with his "they came and stole me from my hotel room" story. Best case scenario is that he did something really dumb and got into a car with people who were about to do him harm. Worst case scenario is that he got into a car because he was about to do something he shouldn't have been doing.

Either way, this is obviously a guy to whom you'd want to give a six-year, $55 million contract. Best of luck, Raiders.

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