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Spagnuolo told wife they were never speaking to Harbaugh againSt. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo was so upset with the 37-7 drubbing his team received from the Baltimore Ravens, that he told his wife they are never again speaking to Baltimore coach John Harbaugh.

The Rams coach and his wife, Maria, have been friends with John and Ingrid Harbaugh for years. Spagnuolo said before the game that Harbaugh is like a brother to him. That almost changed on Sunday, as the coach explained to Kathleen Nelson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"During the game and toward the end [I felt like I wouldn't speak to Harbaugh again]," he said. "Even when I was home with Maria, I said, 'We're not ever talking to him again.'"

I'd imagine losing by 30 in an NFL game could make dinner party conversation a little awkward. I know when my girlfriend and I wreck our friends in Trivial Pursuit, the tension lingers for days.

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Spagnuolo was likely upset by Harbaugh challenging a fumble with under four minutes remaining in the game and the Ravens up by 30 points. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco(notes) also threw a long pass to rookie Tandon Doss(notes) with under two minutes left. Harbaugh later explained that he wanted to give his younger players some experience and preferred to get a first down to keep his defense off the field.

Regardless of the reasoning, Spanuolo was salty and remained that way until the next morning. It was then that he realized he had overreacted a bit.

"John Harbaugh is a competitor," he told Nelson. "I know that, and I've got no problem with it. I did feel one way yesterday but I calmed down and looked at it."

In other words, dinner with the Harbaughs is back on. But the next time the two couples socialize, Harbaugh should pick up the tab, just in case.

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