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While most of his Chargers teammates were working out in offseason programs, San Diego endbacker Shawne Merriman(notes) was in L.A. at the NFL Network's studios, guesting on "Total Access" because he hasn't signed the first-and-third-round tender the Chargers put on him. It's been an interesting offseason for Merriman -- he's the subject of trade rumors, and is considering a future in professional wrestling.

When he hit the "TA" set with host Rich Eisen, he may have forgotten that it was April Fool's Day. Eisen brought that fact into sharp focus by spoofing Merriman with an official-looking memo decreeing that the league was setting stricter penalties in motion for any planned on-field celebrations. Merriman, whose "Lights Out" dance is a legend in the originator's own mind, was not amused.

The best part might be Merriman's assertion that the players and teams copying his celebration are the ones who should be fined. What does he want, a royalty? In any case, Merriman was a good sport about it. Now, he's just got to figure things out with his NFL future.

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