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It's rare — perhaps unheard of, even — that the words "NFL player" and "drunk driving" appear in the same story, and it's good news.

That's exactly the story we've got today, though, because Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers(notes) is oh-so vigilant about keeping our roadways safe.

Last Thursday night, according to a report from Fox 8 News, Rogers was cruising along on the interstate behind a drunken cretin who couldn't keep his car in one lane. Rogers, not content with just trying to keep himself safe, called 911 and made an effort to keep everyone else safe, too.

Rogers said to the 911 dispatcher, "The occupants appear to be either very sleepy or drunk, he's run off the road several times swerving across, they're driving on a flat tire right now."

The big man continued to stay on the line with 911 until the drunken cretin finally attempted to pull off the road. When he did, though, he couldn't manage to get his car all the way off the highway. Rogers pulled up behind him in his truck and turned on his flashers, so other drivers wouldn't helplessly plow into this idiot.

Middleburg Heights police chief John Maddox expressed his appreciation for Rogers' actions.

"Mr. Rogers positioned himself behind that vehicle and turned his emergency flashers on to notify other drivers that there was an emergency on the road, and I don't know what would've happened had he not done that," Middleburg Heights Police Chief John Maddox said.


"I thought his actions were above and beyond and I wanted to express to him as chief of police how much we appreciate what he did that night he helped keep Middleburg Heights safe," Maddox said.

We should all appreciate it. It's a remarkably selfless thing to do. I try to put myself in Rogers' shoes in that situation, and I'm pretty sure I'd just be focused on keeping my own car safe, and just trying to get past the drunkard. Thank goodness Rogers is more thoughtful than that.

Gracias, The Huddle.

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