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It seems that sometimes-dominant Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers has a lot of dislike for new head coach Eric Mangini. So much dislike, in fact, that he's willing to give up six million dollars in order to avoid playing for the guy. 

You know, I think when we get into the millions, we can officially call it hate. Shaun Rogers has six million dollars worth of hate for Eric Mangini. And why? Because Mangini's seen him twice now, and both times, has refused to do a stop-and-chat.

From Adam Schefter at his blog:

Rogers has grown so disenchanted with the situation in Cleveland that he has asked the Browns not to pick up the $6 million option-bonus payment due to him next month, a source close to the defensive tackle said. Rogers would rather be released after one season with the Browns, despite still being owed another $15 million in guaranteed money. [...]

Some of Rogers' feelings stem back to two offseason incidents in which he believes Mangini disrespected him. The first time, Mangini walked into the Browns' training room and failed to say hello to Rogers. The next time, at a public charity function in which both men were in the green room, neither said hello to the other, and Mangini later said he didn't know Rogers was there.

Schefter also reports that Mangini thinks he can smooth things out once he talks to Rogers, but there are also people close to Rogers who insist that he won't change his mind. There are also those who believe that there are other reasons behind the big man's displeasure with the organization.

I would hope so, because being that angry over a guy missing two opportunities to talk to you seems slightly petty. If you owed me a $6 million bonus next month, I wouldn't care if you refused to acknowledge me even if I had you in the camel clutch. Ignore me all you want. Slap me in the face. Stab me a couple of times if the mood strikes you. I don't care. Just pay me.

It's a situation to keep an eye on. Not because I think there's any way that the Browns will release him, because they won't. He was too valuable to the team last year, and they'd take too big of a cap hit.

But it's been proven in the past that an unmotivated Shaun Rogers can be an extremely ineffective Shaun Rogers. If it turns into a high-animosity situation, and Rogers ends up playing unhappy the entire year, he could just turn into a giant lump in the middle of the field wearing number 92.

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