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1. Black Eyed Peas to sing their hits. Super Bowl halftime shows aren't the time to break out the back catalog. Expect abbreviated renditions of the familiar hits "I Gotta Feeling," "Boom Boom Pow," and "Let's Get It Started." The setlist is still secret, but don't expect anything too surprising.

2. An "outlandish spectacle" from The Peas' front man promises the show will be unlike anything from halftimes past. He claims his wardrobe is so over the top that he's "stimulating the economy."

3. Hands-on commercials. The commercials airing immediately before and after the show were directed by and will figure into the show. (How is a mystery.)

4. Fans as part of the show. Most years, the "fans" on the field cheering on the band during the halftime performance emerge from the tunnels, storm the stage and sprint off as the show ends. This year, promises that these fans will be used in a different way. 

5. Usher. The pop star will be the not-so-secret guest star during the set. Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash will also make an appearance. 

6. No wardrobe malfunctions. Fergie is the first woman to headline a Super Bowl show since Janet Jackson's infamous performance in 2004, but don't expect a similar controversial moment. Though the clothing will be doubtlessly be skimpy, Fergie has said there won't be a malfunction. "It is a challenge because you want to give a little sex appeal but you don't want to get into any trouble," Fergie said Thursday in Dallas. "So we're very particular on the wardrobe. There will be no more malfunctions."

7. Puppy Bowl ratings to peak. Puppy Bowl VII, the brilliant Animal Planet counter-programming effort featuring puppies running around on a fake, enclosed football field, sees its biggest spike in ratings during the Super Bowl halftime show.

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