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According to his 2010 autobiography, Home Team, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton heard it from his family for a while after moving to the Big Easy from Dallas in time for the 2006 season. Payton tells the story of having to wait over two hours at a drugstore for antibiotics for his daughter's strep throat in a post-Katrina landscape. Soon after, Payton's wife Btah asked him, "Sean, where are you bringing us?"

Five years later, and one day after the title of "Defending Super Bowl Champion Coach" came off Payton's resume, the news broke that Payton and his family will be moving back to Dallas, leaving Payton to commute to his job in New Orleans in-season. Payton, who worked under Bill Parcells in Dallas from 2003 through 2005, will move to the exclusive Vaquero Club area, where several PGA professionals (and the Jonas Brothers) reside. Payton's children will enroll in area schools.

Of course, this led to all sorts of speculation that Payton was going to take some sort of position with the Dallas Cowboys, something the Saints refuted in a statement right away:

Sean Payton is the coach of the New Orleans Saints. He will not be going to the Dallas Cowboys in any capacity.

It's easy to connect the dots, especially given the fact that Jerry Jones had to watch Payton leave Dallas and turn the Saints around while the Cowboys were stuck with the Wade Phillips-Jason Garrett transfer of power, but it's also not uncommon for families of coaches to live in different places than the coaches themselves. Payton told Ed Werder of that he'll have a private plane that will make the 90-minute trip easier, and that he and his family originally considered this scenario when he took the Saints job.

Then, he didn't have the leverage to put that together. Now, he does. But it doesn't necessarily mean that the Saints are going to lose their head coach if Garrett gets off to a poor start; this sounds more like a "peace in the home" move.

Then again, Jerry Jones did just have to host a Super Bowl in which his team didn't play, and he's been known to go after who and what he wants with abandon...

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