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I don't know what Albert Haynesworth is doing right at this moment, but I'd imagine it's a pretty strange feeling to be hanging out on a Tuesday, knowing that when Friday rolls around, a number of people are going to be fighting for the privilege to give you around $100 million. 

I don't know what I'd be doing if I were in his shoes. My best two guess are 1) Chilling out in a massage parlor, wearing a robe that's way too short, lighting cigars with $100 bills, and paying some woman to rub lotion on me, even though I have absolutely no desire to be smeared in a lotion of any kind ... or 2) hiding in an undisclosed location, surrounded by bodyguards, just to ensure that I'll live until Friday.

But I digress. Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle, who would like to remind you that he nailed the Scott Pioli-to-the-Chiefs report, is today reporting that it's the Redskins who will attempt to bury Haynesworth alive in cash.

This time around [the source] tells me that the Washington Redskins will break the bank to sign Albert Haynesworth. The Titans could come over the top of the Redskins deal as well, but my guess is that the Redskins will let Haynesworth get the best offer possible from the Titans and then "better deal" it.

My source tells me to look for a contract that could break $100 million with an average of $15 million to $16 million per.

I'd like to go on record as saying that if anyone out there is worth that kind of money, it's Albert Haynesworth. Dan Snyder's made his poor free agent investments in the past, but I'd fully endorse the signing of Haynesworth.

He's 27 years old, and the most dominant player in the league at his position, if not the most dominant player in the league, period. When Haynesworth is on the field he's going to occupy at least two blockers in the middle of the line, pretty much eliminating the possibility of the opposition running the ball between the tackles. He gets pressure on the quarterback, too. He is a one-man disruption.

And when you're facing Brandon Jacobs, Marion Barber and Brian Westbrook six times a year, and the usually stout offensive lines in front of them, a guy like Haynesworth could be extremely valuable to have around.

Gracias, Pro Football Talk.

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