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He's aged significantly and he's already turned to a life of crime. Favre was arrested Tuesday, shirtless and attempting to steal a pair of pants, at a Dollar General in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Oh, wait. It's not that Brett Favre. This one's a fellow named Stephen Brett Favre, and he is far, far dumber than the guy who used to play quarterback for the Packers.

This guy and his pal had been released from prison about four hours prior to being caught stealing at the Dollar General. An employee noticed Favre without a shirt on, and attempting to put on a pair of pants over the pants he was currently wearing.

I don't mean to doubt Mr. Favre's status as a master criminal, but I would guess that yes, nine times out of ten, when you take your shirt off in a store and try to put on a pair of pants over the pants you're already wearing, someone's going to notice. It will not take a master detective to notice this crime in progress. Any average Dollar General employee will do.

Apologies to any Brett Favre fans who were unnecessarily alarmed. Again ... slowest news day in NFL history.

Gracias, Lawn Chair Boys.

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