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Report: The Broncos would really like to trade Kyle OrtonThere's good news for the quarterback-starved teams of the league Tuesday morning: The Denver Broncos may be looking to rid themselves of Kyle Orton.

That's the word from Mike Klis of The Denver Post. Tuesday is the first day teams can actually complete trades, and if the Broncos can move Orton quickly, it would be Tim Tebow's(notes) team heading into training camp. Tebow's only competition would come from Brady Quinn(notes), and I don't know if that's a good thing for the Broncos in terms of wins and losses, but they would probably lead the league in quarterback handsomeness.

This is a definite show of the Broncos' faith in Tim Tebow, despite the fact that he has only three NFL starts under his belt. There was a lot to like in those three starts, though. He threw five touchdown passes against three interceptions, which is nice, but completed just 41 of 82 passes, which is not so nice. Helping to offset that, though, were the plays Tebow made with his legs. He ran for 199 yards in those three games, scoring a rushing touchdown in each of them.

If Orton's gone, it's Tebow's show. Head coach John Fox has said that Brady Quinn will get a shot to compete for the job, too, but let's not kid ourselves. He's still Brady Quinn, and Tebow is the show pony.

As for Orton, he'd become a pretty attractive option for teams out there like the Titans, Cardinals, Bengals and Dolphins. Over the last two years, Orton has thrown 41 touchdown passes against 21 interceptions, with a quarterback rating above 85 in both seasons.

Perhaps those aren't All-Pro numbers, but if you're looking at starting Andy Dalton(notes) or giving up a second-round draft pick for the very much unproven Kevin Kolb(notes), Orton's availability may look like a magnificent gift from the football gods. If he is on the block, I'd suspect the Broncos would have no shortage of interested trade partners. Gracias, Pro Football Talk.

Here's more from Jason Cole on how crazy this offseason's about to get:

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