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The Buffalo Bills and St. Louis Rams were thought to be potential suitors for Michael Vick(notes), the most highly sought-after third-string quarterback in history. That doesn't appear to be the case anymore.

Sal Paolantonio did an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, and (via PFT), said that neither team wants Vick anymore.

I guess that's an indication that they did want him before, and what might have changed between then and now to dissuade them, I couldn't tell you. Maybe they felt like the Ed Block Courage Award for bravery and strength in the endeavor of refraining from dog murderer (note: that may not be the official name of the award) was going to his head.

So if anything is going to happen with Vick, it looks like it will be coming later rather than sooner. Perhaps those teams are fixated on getting a quarterback in the draft, and if that doesn't pan out, they'll take a look back at Vick. We'll see.

Sal also says, though, that the Eagles are getting calls from the Seahawks, who are hot to acquire either Donovan McNabb(notes) or Kevin Kolb(notes).

The most interesting thing I take from that is, if true, Pete Carroll must not be a big believer in Matt Hasselbeck(notes). I think the general consensus out there on Hasselbeck is that he's still a quality quarterback, but just needs a little good luck on the health front, and perhaps some healthy receivers.

But, if one were so inclined, one could read into this that maybe the Seahawks feel like that health isn't coming, and/or Hasselbeck, who will turn 35 this year, just doesn't have it anymore. Maybe that's true. He played in 14 games last year and only managed a 75.1 quarterback rating.

I feel like the man still has some good football in him, but I'd be curious to hear from Seahawks fans on whether they believe Hasselbeck can get his mojo back.

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