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Report: Bears have absolutely no interest in Brett FavreMaybe Brett Favre had some interest in playing for the Chicago Bears, but no one bothered to ask the Chicago Bears if they wanted Brett Favre(notes) playing for them. According to this report from ESPN's Ed Werder, their interest level in Favre is at zero.

Of course, it was a report from ESPN that put us in this position to begin with. One of those on Monday was the original source of speculation that Favre could return to the NFL, and even that wasn't direct or concrete. The whole report basically boiled down to, "I don't know, Favre might do it." And then Tuesday's report from the Bears pretty much amounts to, "We don't know what you're talking about."

Sometimes, I really hate ESPN reports.

Here's the quote from Lovie Smith on the subject:

"That's our group," Smith said of the three quarterbacks on the Bears' roster. "We're going to make improvements with our group. We're not looking on the outside. We won't have a quarterback tryout or anything like that."

Those three quarterbacks include starter Caleb Hanie(notes), who has not been good, and his backups Josh McCown(notes) and Nathan Enderle(notes). Hanie's started the last two games for the Bears and thrown six interceptions. Both were losses.

Perhaps at some point over the next 40 or 50 years, the name "Brett Favre" will not surface in breathless media reports every time an NFL quarterback gets hurt. I can only hope that ESPN and Peter King can find it in their hearts to let that happen.

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