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Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Blache probably isn't a believer in the old saying, "there's no such thing as a stupid question". Case in point: his televised exchange Friday night with Redskins studio analyst, and former NFL player, Trevor Matich.

As Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog explained, Blache was on Comcast SportsNet for his weekly post-game interview segment when Matich asked him to evaluate the play of his defensive line. The 'Skins coordinator gave a fairly boilerplate answer before turning the tables on Matich and asking him what he thought of the line's play. And then, the fireworks:  

That's gold, Gregory. GOLD! (Read Steinberg's definitive breakdown of the exchange at the Bog.)

My favorite part is how the CSN reporter on the scene, Kelli Johnson, slowly sidles away from Blache as he begins to answer the initial question, almost as if she knows the volcano is about to erupt. (And she can also be heard nervously laughing as Blache starts in on Matich.)

While Matich can often go entire segments without saying anything worth listening to, I'm not sure what he did to make Blache so angry. The initial question was completely in-bounds. The Redskins pass rush, which had just 24 sacks all of last season, got no pressure on Brady. But it led Blache to snap:

"I knew you had an ulterior motive. And then when I asked you the question, you went duh duh duh, so obviously when you throw questions, you've got to be able to handle them coming back."

Yeah, the ulterior motive was to ask what he thought of the play of the defensive line. And does an interviewer need to be able to answer questions coming back? Greg Blache has been answering questions from the press for years, and he also has two degrees from Notre Dame. I'm pretty sure the concept of interviewer and interviewee isn't too complicated for him to understand.

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