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If the Redskins keep running their team as they are, we're going to have to do a Washington-only offshoot of Shutdown Corner, dealing with nothing but the exploits of Danny "Commodus" Snyder's Declining Roman Empire. There are a lot of great stories in the NFL this year, and it's not our intent to ignore or shortchange them, but geez ... how do you not whack hanging sliders like these over the wall?

Dan Steinberg of the indispensable D.C. Sports Bog put up a post today based on signs he picked out of various garbage cans outside FedEx Field. The signs were brought in by fans who actually watched the Redskins' 27-17 debacle against the Eagles on Monday night, and had their signs taken away and torn up by security for their trouble. Clearly, Snyder didn't want the nation knowing how dysfunctional his franchise is, and taking away signs from fans would hide that fact. After all, when your head coach is stripped of his playcalling duties and replaced by a bingo caller, and your running backs are bickering, and your top free agent spends time calling out the whole team when he's not limping to the sideline, and your quarterback is getting killed because your lackey of a general manager neglected to reinforce the offensive line in the last two drafts that were chock-full of great linemen ... sure. Taking away the signs will fix everything.

Of course, the security goons at FedEx were about as discerning as everyone else Snyder's hired in the last decade -- according to Steinberg, they removed a sign from a woman telling her husband, who is stationed in Afghanistan, that she loves him, and a guy who wasn't allowed to keep the old standard "D-(Fence)" combo.

It's astonishing, really. When you consider all the problems this team has, to throw all your efforts toward blocking the free expression of the people who are still spending their hard-earned money on your colossally inferior football product, you make yourself look to all the world like an insecure, clueless dimwit. Problem is, Mr. Snyder, so many of those other moves of yours have already set the facts in stone.

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