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Jay Cutler(notes) is the Bears starting quarterback. Behind him on the depth chart were Caleb Hanie(notes) and Dan LeFevour(notes). Hanie was injured in the Bears' preseason game against the Chargers and LeFevour ... well, we'll come back to LeFevour.

Right now, the Bears need a backup quarterback. How bad? Well, they first turned to concussion collector Trent Green(notes), who, thankfully, turned them down. Then they called Damon Huard, who also opted to stick with retirement. After that, they made an offer to Todd Collins(notes), and he has also turned them down.

With Hanie's injury being something that isn't expected to keep him out of regular-season action, you might be thinking, "Wow, they must really not have much faith in rookie Dan LeFevour." According to Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times, you'd be right. Here's what he wrote about LeFevour's performance at a practice Monday.

With backup Caleb Hanie watching from the sideline after suffering a shoulder injury in Saturday night's 25-10 loss to the Chargers, rookie Dan LeFevour not only threw five interceptions, but as one sideline observer noted, threw several other passes too poorly to be intercepted.

So the young man threw five interceptions in one practice, and if he improves, that number will likely go up to seven or eight. Yeah, they might want to give him more time to develop.

Here's my suggestion: Until you can find a capable free agent to come in -- and who's next on the list, Bubby Brister? Jay Schroeder? -- don't let Cutler play another down in the preseason. You just can't afford the injury. Throw LeFevour out there and see if he can't set a record for preseason interceptions. The way Jay Cutler is talking, your offense should probably work on their tackling anyway.

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