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Terrell Owens(notes) is the most overrated player in the NFL, according to his peers.

In a poll of 269 NFL players released on Wednesday by Sports Illustrated, Owens was named most overrated by 14 percent of respondents, far outdistancing Tony Romo(notes) (7 percent), Mark Sanchez(notes) (5 percent), Albert Haynesworth(notes) (5 percent) and Eli Manning(notes) (4 percent).

[Video Rewind: T.O. gets dunked on at Rucker Park]

Though NFL players are usually paragons of sound judgment, I'm going to have to take issue with this one. T.O. is the "most" in many categories: loud, over-exposed, attention-seeking, annoying, reluctant to run a crossing route, likely to star in unwatchable television shows. But overrated? If anything he's been underrated this year.

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Owens didn't sign until the eve of training camp and was only able to muster a one-year deal from the Cincinnati Bengals. Basically, every team in the NFL passed on him during the offseason. All he's done so far in 2010 is put himself on pace to post career highs in receptions and yards, yet you never hear about his play, just his antics.

And for that, he's overrated? Hmm ... maybe Donovan McNabb(notes) went Chicago-style on this ballot and voted more than once.

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