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They say to dress for the job you have. In Jim Zorn's case, that appears to be a guy who sells crystals outside of Phish shows. 

Here's what the Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks coach was wearing Monday night during his team's overtime victory over the Houston Texans:

No wonder Joe Flacco(notes) and the Baltimore offense struggled in the second half. Taking commands from Wavy Gravy probably got disorienting after a while.

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All right, Zorn's shirt isn't technically tie-dye, but it's the 2010 equivalent. Think of it as the digital version (sort of like the modern Army camouflage). Add in the tuck, the high-waisted pants and the black sneakers and he looks like A.C. Slater at age 50. (Also, is Zorn warm-blooded? He's wearing a T-shirt while everyone else was dressed in fleeces. The guy behind him looks like he's at a game in Chicago.)

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Here's the actual shirt:

Eh, that guy's not pulling it off any better.

Thanks to @mrirrelevantdc for the picture.

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