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The ESPY Awards were presented and filmed last night, so that they can be televised on Sunday. I can't tell you who won what awards, and really, if you're the type of person who cares about who won what ESPY, you should probably get off of the internet and get back to your finger painting.

We do have some fantastic NFL-themed photos from last night's event, though, and it would be unfair to deprive you of them as well as Skeets' NBA-themed pics.

Hey there, sailor. Brady Quinn came straight to the ESPYs from his meeting at the local yacht club. It's just one of the many maritime activities enjoyed by Brady (warning: adult-themed picture at that link).

That's Terrell Owens with Kate Walsh, who is a pretty lady. Owens was very upset to learn later in the evening that Rajon Rondo stole his jacket.

She has nothing to do with the NFL, but that's Adriana Lima. Goodness gracious.

I don't know how to describe this look from Braylon Edwards. It's the undone-bowtie after party look, except it's on the pre-game red carpet, and it appears to be made of diamonds. This is not a look that I could pull off.

Justin Timberlake relives his last moment in the sporting spotlight. Justin, I don't know if you're going to continue that sort of behavior at the ESPYs, but if you are, could you please go find Adriana Lima? Thank you.

Baby blue sweater = Instant respect and credibility.

"Hey Brett. People getting sick of your act, too? I feel you."

For no particular reason ... Alan Thicke.

I'd like to think that Braylon Edwards and Antonio Cromartie heard yesterday about the NFL's new attempt to police gang signs being used by players, and one of them said, "Hey, let's just do random things with our hands and see if the commissioner tries to fine us."

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