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The New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson and wife, Gayle, attended a papal audience at St. Peter's Square during Holy Week. As is custom, Benson kissed Pope Benedict XVI's Fisherman's Ring. Then Benson showed the pope a ring of his own.

The pope seems thrilled and I can't tell whether it's because he just found out there's a team called the Saints or because he's getting a new idea for a blinged out Piscatory Ring. (His is very simple.)

"I said to him I'd like to show you my ring," Benson told the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  "I told him what it was, you know? It's a Super Bowl ring."

Let's say Benson owned another sports franchise like, and I'm pulling one out of thin air here, the New Jersey Devils. Does he still show the pope his ring or is he empowered by being the owner of the Saints in the place of the saints? Is the pope even aware that there's something called the Super Bowl? Has he received Roger Goodell's personal request for beatification yet? So many questions!

The newspaper also reports that Benson plans to send the pope a No. 1 Saints jersey with "HOLY FATHER" stitched on the back. I hope it's an away jersey. The pope doesn't seem like a guy who rocks black clothing all that much.

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