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Welcome to podcast #8, which could possibly be the best one ever and still be really, really bad. Up first, Danks and I talk about the AFC East race, which has turned into probably the most interesting division race in football. I like the Dolphins (for YOU, Crazy Fish Guy), and Danks argues for the Jets.

From there, we have another special guest ... this time, the talented and knowledgeable Stephanie Stradley of the Houston Chronicle and the FanHouse. We talk some Texans football, and you know, the Texans turned into a more interesting subject than I thought they'd be.

We close it out with the mailbag, a feature I like more and more each week, and then the cleverly-named "Picks Segment." Again, if you've got questions, the number is (304-933-4488).

And by the way, if you subscribe through iTunes, if it's not too much hassle, could you leave a Customer Review there? We've got one, but it still looks so barren. I'd appreciate it.

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