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Want to go the Super Bowl without having to pay the exorbitant costs associated the luxuries of having a seat or actually being inside the stadium? Then, boy, does the NFL have a deal for you!

The league announced plans on Thursday to sell standing-room tickets to fans that will allow them to stand outside Cowboys Stadium to watch the Super Bowl on a large video screen. They're calling it the "party plaza" because that sounds a lot better than "place where saps can pay money to stand outside craning their necks to watch video of a game going on 300 yards away and then go to work the next day claiming they went to the game."

The NFL hasn't decided on pricing or whether or not the people who buy tickets for the "party plaza" will count toward the official attendance, but you can assume Jerry Jones will be pushing for them to count. The Cowboys owner has made no secret of his hopes to break the all-time Super Bowl attendance record, set in 1980 when 103,985 fans attended the game at the Rose Bowl. 

I say, why stop counting attendance at people watching outside? Anyone who drives by the stadium in a car, flies over Dallas in an airplane or had to pay the half-cent sales tax that helped fund Arlington's chunk of the stadium cost should count too.

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