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February 14, 2008

My Valentine for Roger Goodell

From what I can gather, here's what Roger Goodell has done in regards to the Spygate investigation:

He listened to someone's complaints, he asked the Patriots about, he took the evidence that the Patriots gave him (because they pinky-swore they gave him everything!), he destroyed it almost immediately, punished the Patriots, told everyone there was nothing to see here, and then went on about his business.

But, after his meeting with Senator Arlen Specter yesterday, we now know some more things. Said Specter:

"There was confirmation, there was a statement that the Patriots have taped since the year 2000 when Coach Belichick took over. There's no doubt it had an impact on the games. It is hard to tell what games are involved with the destruction of the notes and the tapes. And no really valid reason was given for the destruction of the notes and the tapes.

I find a lot of the questions unanswerable because the tapes and notes had been destroyed. And I felt
, as I've said, that some answers were insufficient, but it was congenial and intense."
And Goodell keeps saying:
"I have nothing to hide."
I can only assume he means that he has nothing to hide, other than the stuff he's already hidden. Because before yesterday, no one ever told us that the Patriots had videotaped games since 2000. No one ever brought up the Steelers games in '04/'05. 

These were things that Roger Goodell knew, and he never told the public. I think that qualifies has "hiding."

He did not share this information with the people who invest time and money in the NFL, assuming that they're watching a clean and fair game. I don't care what he says, he's hidden things, and I'm sorry, but the people who spend hard-earned money on the NFL have a right to know these things.

Asked again by the media why he destroyed the tapes, Goodell said this:
"We had an admission of guilt. There was no purpose for the tapes. The tapes are competitive. They contained nothing other than the coaches signals that had any violation of our policy. So there was no purpose to that. I didn't want them to have access to that, and I don't want the other 32 teams to have access to it."
Well here's a crazy idea, commissioner. If Andy Reid or Tony Dungy or Mike Nolan come to you and ask to see the tapes ... TELL THEM NO. Better yet, dip into the league coffers and go purchase yourself a little safe. And if someone asks for the combination, again, you can just tell them no. It's a wild and unusual technique, but it will work.

The "investigation" conducted by Roger Goodell has been the worst investigation in the history of investigations. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby routinely did better investigative work on Saturday mornings.

So here's a Valentine, Commissioner Goodell, from me to you. Thanks for nothing, pal.

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