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The lede is different depending on the source, but the story remains the same:

ESPN: The Indianapolis Colts will sign former Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett(notes) on Thursday, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

US Weekly: Kendra Wilkinson's husband is employed again.

I feel strange for identifying more with the US Weekly intro, but since Baskett is infinitely more famous for being married to Kendra Wilkinson (Playboy model, second-best looking of Hef's three ex-girlfriends, reality star), than he is for being a third-rate NFL receiver, that is probably the bigger news.

Baskett was cut by the Eagles earlier this week in order to free a roster spot for Michael Vick(notes). This upset the dog-loving Wilkinson, according to one of the dozens of stories I've read about her in the past hour on various entertainment Web sites. (And, seriously, is Kendra Wilkinson so famous that she merits multiple stories on these sites? Surely there's news that Jennifer Aniston has a new man or that Britney Spears let her 5-year old drive her to Starbucks or something. But wall-to-wall coverage of somebody made famous by a creepy old man? This would be like Shutdown Corner endlessly blogging about Tom Cable.)

Anyway, Kendra is happy now after the signing:

"This is a great opportunity for Hank to be playing for the Colts. Peyton Manning(notes) is one of the best - if not the best - quarterbacks in the league, and I'm excited to see my baby kick some a--!" she says, adding: "So proud of Hank for staying strong and positive."

Back to football, though, Indy signed Baskett this morning after it was revealed that the team's No. 2 receiver, Anthony Gonzalez(notes), will miss up to eight weeks with a knee injury. That he was inked over ex-Colts star Marvin Harrison(notes) means one of three things: 1) Marvin is asking for too much money. 2) His "situation" is making teams keep their distance. 3) Jim Irsay didn't send his Playboy renewal card back in time.

And, in case you were wondering, the couple's pose in that picture isn't as weird as it looks. Wilkinson is pregnant and due to deliver on Christmas Day.

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