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Mike Pereira: Eagles complain constantly; Vick’s comments ‘bunch of bull’Judging from the comments on the post regarding the New York Post's "Baby Vick" cover, a lot of people snickered when they saw it. Former NFL head of officiating and current Fox NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira sounds like he may have been one of them.

Talking to Evan Cohen and Steve Phillips on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Radio on Tuesday morning, Periera angrily dismissed Vick's complaints and accused the Eagles of chronic complaining.

"Well, I thought it was ridiculous. It actually took me back, it took me back to my job in New York when I worked for the league, and it was a constant complaint by the Eagles, whether it was [Donovan] McNabb at quarterback or whether it was Vick. They clearly complained more than any other team.

"And then I thought it was interesting to see stats that were presented by ESPN that showed that they got the most roughing the passer calls called for them on their behalf than any other team in the NFC East and, actually, they were the seventh best team in the league in terms of getting the calls.  So it is difficult for me to sit back and look at that and say that there's any validity to it.

"He's a quarterback that's on the move, he's going to get hit more.  Yes, there are a couple that may be missed but the fact that a ton of them are missed and that he's hit late all the time is absurd. And he comes out and kind of does the mea culpa yesterday but at the same time what did he say?  'I was being too candid.'  Well, that doesn't sound to me like much of an apology.

"And also the damage is done.  I don't want to be the referee that goes in there now next and works with him.  If he calls a roughing the passer penalty for a hit on Vick everybody's going to say, 'Well, Vick taunted him into that.'  If he doesn't [call it] there's going to be more criticism.  So I think it was a bunch of bull and it didn't sit well with me and it still doesn't."

No sarcasm intended, but it really sounds like Vick hit a nerve with Pereira. He could say he disagrees or even that Vick is flat-out wrong, without also calling it "a bunch of bull" and noting how poorly Vick's comments sit with him. He even had a problem with Vick's apology.

What did the Eagles do to Pereira? Cut the cable line to his house and replace it with a constant stream of highlights of Eagles quarterbacks getting hit? Did Andy Reid follow him around New York, constantly tackling him then yelling, "That's what happened to Donovan McNabb(notes) on Sunday, and no one called a penalty"? Whatever it was, it doesn't seem like Pereira's over it.

Giants fans should go ahead and send him a thank-you note for ammunition to use in their "Eagles are a bunch of crybabies" arguments.

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