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Rex Ryan may have been eliminated from the playoffs, but fear not, fans and media. He's still rolling out colorful quotes like Lucy at the Bon-Bon factory. Here's what Rex thinks his team ought to be doing in the offseason (via the Huddle):

"I told our players to wear their Jets stuff and be proud of it," Ryan said. "There's no reason we shouldn't be proud to be a New York Jet. This isn't the Same Old Jets, and any negative connotation that way is crazy."

And Ryan added with a laugh, "Like I said, punch somebody in the nose for it if that's the case. That's the way we feel because our football team is tough."

Nice. A good face punch is also my preferred method of conflict resolution, so I'm with Coach Ryan here. Say you're a Jet, and you're walking around in team gear, and someone says, "Haha! The Jets still suck!" ... BOOM. He's Red. You're Deebo. Do your thing.

Of course, if you're a Patriots fan, it might be fun to head down to New York this offseason and see how many Jets you can get arrested with some simple taunting. You're going to have to be willing to take a straight right to the grill, but sometimes, that's what being a fan is all about.

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