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You can choose to see this as an analyst giving further insight to Vince Young's breakdown, or a man absolutely teeing off on Vince Young for no other reason than he wants to be right.

Here are highlights from Merril Hoge's screed against Vince Young, via an interview with Merril Hoge on WDVE in Pittsburgh:

• "He's a baby. He's a soft baby."

• College recruiters refused to recruit Vince Young because he was a crybaby.

• Titans players believe that Vince Young takes all the credit when things go well, and disappears when things go bad.

• Vince lives three miles from the stadium and has a limo pick him up and take him to every game, and every practice.

• Vince Young will be cut at the end of the year (oh, and so will Matt Leinart, who also, according to Merril, is a quitter).

• Jeff Fisher "fought like crazy" to keep the Titans from drafting Vince Young, and said he had no chance to run an NFL offense.

You can get the audio here.

If you don't know, Hoge has long had it in for Vince Young. And maybe all the stuff in this interview is true, maybe it's not. What's odd is that there's such glee in Merril's voice when he lets loose, now when Vince Young has completely fallen from grace.

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