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Matt Millen’s son-in-law gets a look from the LionsYou can't accuse the Detroit Lions organization of holding a grudge.

Matt Millen, who held the job title of "Detroit Lions general manager," but executed the duties of "Sadistic Tormenter of the Detroit Lions Fan Base," has a son-in-law who would like to play professional football. The Detroit Lions are giving him that opportunity.

Former Army running back Collin Mooney (married to Michalyn Millen; see a handsome wedding photo here) got a call from the Lions asking him to come in for a workout. Mooney's a 245-pound power back, so with the injury to Mikel LeShoure, there may be an opportunity for him.

He's got the support of his papa-in-law.

"He's given me plenty of advice," Mooney said of Millen. "He was in the league for 13 years and he knows the business. He's got a lot of great advice he's given me. He told me what I needed to do going into camp and the way to give myself the best opportunity to stick around. He's helped me out a lot."

Millen was a fine NFL player, so I'm sure he has good advice to give an aspiring NFL'er. The good news is that nowhere in that statement does it say that Millen believes Mooney would be a good NFL player, which would be a very solid indication that he would be a terrible, terrible NFL player.

Mooney's last college season was in 2008, when he broke the school's single-season rushing record. When he got the call from the Lions, he was serving as a first lieutenant in the Army at Fort Still, Okla. Best of luck to him.

Gracias, Pro Football Talk.

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