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New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, as noted Tuesday, is a talker. He speaks boldly and aggressively, and if there's something on his mind, he'll tell you. Or scream it at you, until you cry.

It seems that it's starting to rub off on Mark Sanchez(notes), too.

Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News tells the story Wednesday morning about Sanchez, after his coach called a timeout from the sideline, got a little lippy with his head coach.

Before one of the biggest plays of his young career, Mark Sanchez got mad at his coach. He stormed to the sideline, looked Rex Ryan in the eye and snapped, "Man, why the heck did you do that?"

Actually, the rookie's language was a bit saltier than that. He was steamed because Ryan had just called timeout, moments before a critical third down at the Bengals' 25-yard line in the Jets' wild-card win. Sanchez, confident in the play-call and comfortable with the defensive look, was in no mood to pardon the interruption.

A bold move by Sanchez, considering the Ryan family's history of dealing with people who raise their voices to them on the sideline.

It's a good thing for Sanchez, though. It shows that he's absolutely confident with his relationship with his coach, and with his place on the team. It shows, too, that he believes he knows what's best for the offense, and he doesn't want anyone else messing with that.

All are good things. I don't think there's ever been a great quarterback who didn't get into a screaming match with his coach now and then.

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