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Other than the fact that the guy in the clip is wearing a football uniform, the video below has nothing to do with football. This should not preclude you from watching it, however, as it features a New Zealand strongman Reuben de Jong's Homeric failure to break his own world record for running through glass planes in a minute on live Chinese television:

Four observations:

1. What was De Jong about to say at the end before he stopped himself? Was he about to compare the structural integrity of safety glass in New Zealand to that in China? With the official Guiness World Record representative there, it's safe to assume the glass was up to code, no?

2. If the NFL added this event to the combine, ratings would double.

3. There's a Guiness World Record for nearly everything it seems. I get that. But why is there one for running through glass panes while wearing padding? Could the guy have used a brick? Is he allowed to run through with a hammer? 

4. If the New Orleans Saints had used 11 panes of glass in their wild-card game, maybe they'd have stopped Marshawn Lynch(notes) on that run.

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