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LeBron James imitates Steve Johnson imitating Plaxico Burress

LeBron James and Kevin Durant held a seven-on-seven flag football game in Akron, Ohio, on Wednesday night, the culmination of months of back-and-forth of Twitter trash talk. Far from your usual game of two-hand touch, the NBA stars had an announcing crew, cameras and a boom mic for their live Internet broadcast, real officials, a working chain gang and a full playbook. It was almost like a real NFL game, minus the tackling and any semblance of defense (the final score was 70-63 in favor of Team LeBron), right down to the touchdown celebration LeBron performed after one of his many touchdowns.

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Watch as the NBA superstar scores a touchdown off an interception and shoots himself in the leg a la Steve Johnson a la Plaxico Burress(notes).

It's perfect LeBron: derivative, culturally tone deaf and yet amusing enough that it makes you think, "you know, maybe there's some scenario in which I wouldn't think he was a complete tool."

Unlike with Johnson's imitation, no flag was thrown on LeBron and he shouldn't be hearing from the commissioner's office anytime soon like Johnson and his $10,000 fine.

Additional highlights from the game can be seen here:

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