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FOX's Jay Glazer reports that Lane Kiffin's hours are numbered as head coach of the Oakland Raiders. On a team that's won 19 games over the last five years, Al Davis is going with the pretext that a narrow loss on the road to a very good Buffalo team is grounds to fire a head coach.

Quoth the Glazer:

Kiffin has been informed by Raiders officials that Al Davis intends to remove him as the team's head coach as early as Monday, has learned.

Davis blamed Kiffin for the Raiders' 24-23 loss on Sunday to the Bills, and told his underlings that he will make the move on Monday. However, word was leaked out last week in a similar fashion and Kiffin survived. Players reached out to to express hope that the move would not be made, and with Davis you can never be certain. 

So maybe it still won't happen. But just in case it does, I want to go over it one more time, just so I understand. 

The likely candidate to replace Kiffin as head coach is Rob Ryan, currently the Raiders defensive coordinator. Ryan has complete control of the defense, while Kiffin has no control of the defense. And the loss, which came about because the Raiders defense gave up 17 points in the second half of the fourth quarter, is supposed to be Lane Kiffin's fault, despite the fact that defense isn't part of his job description. And the solution to the problem is to replace Kiffin with Rob Ryan, the man in charge of the defense that authored that collapse.

Okie dokie, then. Let's see if we can't imagine a comparable situatuion.

You own a Subway franchise. Under you, there's a manager and an assistant manager. You're mad and you want to fire someone because your Subway store is hemorrhaging money because they give away too much lettuce on their sandwiches. You know damn well that it's the assistant manager who stuffs an entire head of lettuce into every sandwich he makes, and on his lunch break, he goes outside and makes it rain lettuce on women who happen to walk past the Subway.

And your solution to the problem of giving away too much lettuce is to fire your manager, and promote the assistant manager into his position.

I don't feel that's any more ridiculous than what's happening in Oakland.

We'll talk about it more when the guillotine actually falls on Kiffin's neck. Until then, try not to make sense of it. You'll sprain your frontal lobe.

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