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Following in the footsteps of absolutely no one, Keyshawn Johnson is going from NFL superstar to host of an interior design show an A&E. I'm assuming that the A&E show will have a total lack of Chris Berman, and therefore, it will immediately become my favorite Keyshawn Johnson vehicle on television.

The news of the show is taking a lot of people by surprise, but I do remember reading about Keyshawn's affinity for design once before. The Los Angeles Times chronicled Keyshawn's inner Roger Dorn back in February of '07 and painted a picture of a guy who liked a clean, stylish, organized living space, and knew exactly what he was talking about. Here's a snippet:

Having invested in spec homes and decorated personal residences in New York, Florida, North Carolina and multiple spots in L.A. since he went pro in 1996, Johnson has become as confident in a furniture showroom as he is on the gridiron. He developed an interest in design when he first became a homeowner, he says, and life experiences have since shaped his tastes.

“I’ve stayed in some of the best hotels in the world. I read House & Garden and Casa Vogue,” says Johnson, adding that he’s a fan of Fendi’s and Armani Casa’s home collections. “I spend hours at Hennessy + Ingalls in Santa Monica looking at architecture books like some weirdo.”

Richard Landry, a Los Angeles architect working on a mansion for Johnson in Calabasas, refers to his client as not just an athlete but an aesthete and an entrepreneur, one who has a solid understanding of how design can enrich lives and bank accounts.

“Keyshawn can actually read architectural plans and see the finished work,” Landry says. “He strikes me as a guy with a vision who is open to the process.”

I can see Joey Porter doing something very similar when his career is over.

Gracias, Awful Announcing.

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