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Kevin Kolb is an Arizona Cardinal, and a well-paid one at thatAfter a couple days of waiting, former Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb is finally an Arizona Cardinal.

The deal worked out really well for the Eagles, who get not only cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie(notes) out of the deal, but also squeezed a second-round draft pick out of the Cardinals.

And it works out really well for Kolb, who gets a five-year deal worth $63 million, with $20 million guaranteed, despite having started just seven games in his career, and not all of them particularly well.

It's a risk for the Cardinals to give up a quality young corner and a second-round draft pick, but it's one they had to take.

If things turn out well, and Kolb turns out to be the quarterback they think he is, he's worth the price they paid and more. In the sad-sack NFC West, one player can mean the difference between last place and first place, especially if that player turns out to be a halfway-decent quarterback, and last year, you were only two games out of first place with the Derek Anderson(notes)/Max Hall/John Skelton(notes) trio under center.

If things don't turn out well, and Kolb is an average-to-below average quarterback, well, he's still probably going to be better than Anderson/Hall/Skelton were last year. In a worst-case scenario, the Cardinals quarterback situation goes from "My goodness, is that really an NFL team?" to "below average" and that might be enough to get them to 7-9, which won the division last year.

Again, they took a risk. They sort of had to. Something had to be done at the quarterback position, they identified the guy they wanted, and went after him. The price was high, but at least this way, no one can fault the Cardinals for not trying.

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