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There's having enough faith and respect in your quarterback to allow him to call his own two minute offense. Then there's having enough faith and respect for your quarterback  to name your child after him. New York Jets coach Eric Mangini and his wife Julie named their newborn son Zack Brett Mangini, the middle name inspired by one Brett Lorenzo Favre. The baby, who weighed in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces, was born on October 10, the same day as the Jets QB. (Which was only a coincidence.)

Mangini said he had committed to the name before the trade for Favre was complete this summer. This led to some naming-rights negotiations. During their bargaining sessions with Favre prior to the trade, Mangini explained how the birth of his other two children had led to immediate playoff success for his teams:

"I explained that history and explained that we were pregnant with our third child," Mangini said. "I really believed that he could be an instrumental part in another good year and an important part of my football life and I would commit to Zack Brett Mangini at that point. That was part of our terms, and we stuck with it."

Zack Brett won't be the first Mangini with a football-inspired middle name. 4-year old Jake Harrison was named after Patriots safety Rodney Harrison. And the middle name of 2-year old Luke William is a tribute to Bill Belichick.

If their middle-namesakes are any indication, the futures of Bill, Harrison and Brett Mangini will be enormous successes. Assuming that the boys will inherit traits from the men their names honor, Bill can expect to work as a cinematographer on major motion picture shoots, while Rodney will be a headhunter for a big corporation. And whatever Brett does, at least we know he'll do so while having fun out there and playing like a kid.

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