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Steelers linebacker James Harrison's(notes) two-year-old son is recovering after being attacked by his dad's pit bull, Patron. Everyone will be happy to know that the little guy's doing better. He's walking around, according to Harrison's agent, and there's no muscle damage, nerve damage or infection. So that's good news.

The animal may be getting some good news, too. James Harrison is trying to find a way to keep the dog from being put down.

The original plan was to hand the dog over to Animal Control, and they'd send him into the doggie afterlife after a 10-day quarantine. Now, though, they're trying to find a place to take and rehabilitate the animal.

Some may find that a controversial decision. The general rule -- and it's not an unreasonable one -- seems to be that if a dog attacks a person, that dog's got to go. Especially if it's attacked a baby. We can't have dogs running around eating babies.

But James Harrison loves his dog. So much so that he named him after a tequila that is very popular among rappers. And I can understand that; I love my dogs, too. My collie Tanqueray, my basset hound Grey Goose, my shetland sheepdog Crown Royal Reserve ... they'll all wonderful animals.

And it's not like Harrison's talking about keeping the dog in his house. It's not like he's going to cover his baby in steak sauce and let the dog sleep next to his crib. He just wants to explore the option of the dog living with a rescue organization, far far away from anyone he could hurt. I don't see the harm in that.

I think Harrison's fair game for criticism related to having a dog that would attack a baby in the first place (though he probably feels terrible enough about that as it is), but I don't see the harm in wanting to let the dog live, as long as it was always supervised and controlled and not in a position to attack anyone else.

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