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This is my maiden Super Bowl experience, and having been in Arizona for about 10 hours now, I'm finding that being here is turning me into one of those people who's more concerned with everything surrounding the game, as opposed to the game itself. Tradtionally, I've hated these people. I still do. I punched myself in the ribs this morning.

But now that I'm one of them, here's what I'm going to do this week ... it's called Athletic Supporter Bowl XLII. The plan is to observe Giants and Patriots fans all week long, award them points for acts of true fan passion and anything else that amuses me, while deducting points for acts of douchebaggery while representing their team.

I haven't seen much to this point. On my entire flight out here, through the airport, hotel, and brief journeys around town late last night, I saw just one person with any sort of visible allegiance. It was an old man at the airport, in his 60s, wearing some kind of an overly-shiny Giants jacket that was made, I'm guessing, at some point in the early 90s. It was something like this. Respect, old man, for kicking it old school with satiny outerwear.

And since it's the only thing I've seen as of yet, and the scoring has to kick off sometime, I am extending both of my arms in the vertical position, and calling it good.

The score, with 13:57 to play in the first quarter ...

Giants 3, Patriots 0.

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