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What you are about to see is a dance video starring LaDainian Tomlinson(notes) that  looks like it was produced by the cutting edge technology possessed by your local PBS station in 1983.

Why this exists now, I have no idea. But I've seen it about 17,392 times over the past couple of days, and it never stops making me feel good.

It is indeed a viral effort from Nike. Tomlinson says they shot the video a couple of years ago, but held off on releasing it because there were already a couple of other LaDainian Tomlinson spots out there, like the one where he worked out with my man Kimbo Slice.

In fact, check out the music pumping in Tomlinson's car when he pulls up to Kimbo's house. Listen again when Tomlinson's working over the refrigerator.

At any rate, when Tomlinson takes the field on Sunday, all I will be very surprised if I'm not thinking about the the LT Slide, Electric Glide. I hope it gets some airtime on the Qualcomm video board on Sunday. This could sweep the nation.

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