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So it didn't take very long to get an answer to the "Will Brett Favre Cry?" question. He lost it about, what, 11 words in?

You know, as easy as it is to poke fun of the breathless Favre-lust exhibited by guys like Peter King, John Madden, Chris Berman, and just about everyone else, the fact is that Brett Favre is a special player, and he's had a hell of an exciting career that should be celebrated.

If you're one of the people who have been turned off of Favre over the years by the media's reverent treatment of him (and that's more than understandable), hopefully, someday, you'll be able to let that go.

Because no matter how firmly the media had their lips wrapped around the guy, the way he played was often brilliant. It's hard for me to imagine that any football fan wouldn't be able to enjoy his game, as it stood on its own merits.

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