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Here’s your chance to break up the PackersThe Packers are the defending Super Bowl champs, one of two undefeated teams in the league, and the employer of a quarterback who is frighteningly good. There is no reason to believe that they will stop winning anytime soon.

But fans of the league's other 31 teams have a chance to stop them from the inside. To raise money for the renovation of Lambeau Field, stock in the league's only publicly held team will go on sale, once the league approves. For $200, anyone can become an owner of an NFL team, and join Green Bay's other 112,500 shareholders.

This is where fans of other teams can band together and buy up all the shares. Ensure that no one from America's Dairyland buys a share, then work together to make terrible team decisions. At the team's annual meeting, let your voice be heard!*

Should the Packers extend Aaron Rogers' contract? Of course not! Where should training camp be held? Upper Mongolia! Hey, maybe the Packers need to sign some free agents. How about Randy Moss(notes) and Jeff George! First pick in the draft? It's about time the Packers picked up a big-name kicker.

It's a strategy that was suggested by President Obama when the Packers visited the White House.

"If I'm a part owner, I think we should initiate a trade to send (Aaron) Rodgers down to the Bears," Obama said.

See? The prez knows what's up. Break them down from the inside, and every other team in the league will have a shot.

*Unfortunately, owning Packers stock gives fans perks like attending the annual meeting and field tours, but no dividends or voting rights.

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