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Just because the rhythm is gonna get you doesn't mean a broken door will too.

Singer and Miami Dolphins minority owner Gloria Estefan did her best Spider-Man impersonation on Sunday night when she climbed out of a window during the team's game against the New York Jets. Estefan had become trapped in her luxury suite during the first half of the game due to a broken door.

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When locksmiths, firefighters and security personnel couldn't free Estefan and her guests, she took matters into her own hands, climbing out of the window and into the adjacent suite:

I don't think that was as easy as it looked. Estefan was in the top row of luxury boxes, which are set high above the lower seating bowl. (Here's a wide shot of the stadium that provides some perspective.) An owner that can conga and perform death-defying stunts? Time to step up your game, Jerry Jones.

The seven-time Grammy Award winner was trying to get down to the field to introduce halftime performer Enrique Iglesias. According to reports, she made it just in time.

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