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As I watched FOX's pregame coverage of the Super Bowl on Sunday, one thought that did not occur to me was, "You know, this is just not patriotic enough."

But I'm not Glenn Beck, and I don't have such a keen eye for nationalistic fervor. To me, the national anthem, "America the Beautiful," and the reciting of the Declaration of Independence was a sufficient amount of patriotism. 

Glenn Beck, though, was able to find something that offended him: players not having their hands on their heart. You can see video here.

"Was anybody else offended by, I don't know ... can you put your hand on the heart? Can you do that? Some of them were just like hanging on their jersey, some of them were talking, and it's like, 'It's the National Anthem.'

"I mean, my son, Raphe -- we were sitting here, and he's talking. I'm like, 'Shhhh. Put your hand on your heart.'


"I was really offended by the sports players that were just hanging on their jersey and everything else."

I understand there will be varying opinions on the subject, but I think hand placement during a song is a pretty unreliable way to judge a fellow's love for his country. How many of the more than 111 million American television viewers put their hands on their heart during the anthem?

I'm going to guess it was a pretty small number. I'm also going to guess that among the people who didn't have their hands on their heart, a large number of them were sane, rational, patriotic people. It's an unfair judgment of NFL players.

Beck praised Steelers cornerback William Gay(notes) for getting it right and putting his hand on his chest and crying, before going on to wonder if Gay was actually crying about money.

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