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The Lions officially unveiled their (sort of) new logo yesterday, and it is indeed the same one that was accidentally leaked via a toy truck about a month ago. But it's official now, so you can go ahead and get those new Lions tattoos.

It might even be a little bit of a stretch to call this a "new" logo. It is, after all, still a blue silhouette of a Lion. This one just has a little more of a mane, a snarling grill, an eyeball, separated front legs, and some definition between his back legs.

I think the idea is that if the old lion and the new lion were in the same advertisement in the back of a 1982 comic book, the new lion would be kicking sand in the face of the old lion. But let's be honest here. With the meek and gentle reputation that became attached to the old pussycat through years and years of losing, the Sacramento Monarchs logo looks fierce by comparison.

What do the fans think? Actually, all they did throughout the whole press conference was to continually shout for Aaron Curry. And I don't blame them. When you're coming off an 0-16 season, rarely is the logo at the top of anyone's list of concerns. For example, no one in Detroit had this conversation last year:

Fan 1: Man, we went 0-16. We are awful. This franchise is in terrible shape.
Fan 2: I know. And you know what's worse? Our lion logo doesn't even have a discernible mouth!

You'll get a better look at the new logo on Saturday at the draft, when the Lions present a hat and jersey to a new player, and from the sounds of things, one that the fans don't want.

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