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Earlier this week Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog described Fred Smoot's goal of becoming a pro bowler after his football career is over. Smoot is serious, too. Or somewhat serious. You decide:

"I'm gonna attempt to go to the PBA," Fred Smoot(notes) told me the other day. I started laughing.

"You're laughing," he observed. "See, people did this years ago when I said I was going to go to the NFL, so it don't make me mad. I'm serious. I'm dead serious. I want to cross over to bowling after football."

The thing is, he sounded really serious. I asked him around 16 times if he was joking, and every time he said he was not.

These post-football plans were brought to light after the Washington Redskins cancelled their planned OTAs on Tuesday and had a team outing at a local bowling alley instead. Chris Cooley(notes) wrote about the afternoon in an excellent blog post (and got in a playful dig at Smoot when he told Redskins blogger Matt Terl that Smoot would be just as excited bowling a 125 as backup quarterback Todd Collins would be bowling a 300).

The PBA heard about Smoot's future plans and today offered him an invitation to a PBA event:

The PBA will give Fred Smoot entry into a PBA event and he can see where he stacks up against the best bowlers in the world. We think he might be in for a rude awakening because our pros are to bowling pins what he is to wide receivers.

What, mostly irrelevant? (Kidding, Fred. Kidding. Sort of.)

The PBA has always been pretty good about marketing, and inviting Smoot to a tournament would probably draw a bunch of new viewers, most of whom would be sports bloggers. Throw an invite the way of Gilbert Arenas and it'd be the blog equivalent of covering the moon landing.

By the way, given Smoot's affinity for trash talk and festive boat rides, you won't be at all surprised to hear that Smoot gets a bit enthusiastic when he bowls. It looks like Freddy rolls a bit like Jesus (Quintana). Smoot did play for the Vikings once, so he probably has some purple in his closet. Let's just hope Todd Collins marked it eight, dude.

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