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That's what Jared Allen says, anyway. He told Fox's Jay Glazer that the Chiefs have held trade talks with the Vikings and the Bucs, and right now, they're just trying to agree on trade compensation and a new contract for Allen.

From Glazer:

The Pro Bowl defensive end is the Chiefs' franchise player, but re-signing in Kansas City will be a problem as the team is looking to stockpile draft picks.

Allen said the two sticking points are working out terms of a deal with a new team and the Chiefs agreeing to compensation for a trade. A package of first- and second-round picks or one of first- and third-round picks in the upcoming draft have been discussed as possible terms. It's unclear at this point what it will take to get the deal done.

Allen is 26 years old and led the NFL in sacks last year. Guys like that do not grow on trees. Why get rid of him? Is it because he rode a blazing saddle? Because he wore a shining star? Why?

The only reasoning offered is that they "want to stockpile draft picks." Well, sure, of course they do. But who doesn't? That's like saying that some guy "wants to make a lot of money." Right, but, that doesn't necessarily mean he's willing to sell one of his kidneys to do so.

I've contacted the Broncos, Raiders, and Chargers for comment, and they all said, "Really? Well, tell the Chiefs we said 'thanks'."

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